What is a business cash advance?

A Business Cash Advance program is a unique alternative to traditional funding. At Business Cash Advanced (BCA), we utilize the expected future credit/debit card sales of a business to be able to offer you with the required amount of capital to put you business plans into action.

The repayment process of a Business Cash Advance program is completely flexible; you don’t need to pay fixed repayments; however a small percentage of your daily credit/debit card sales are withheld until the borrowed amount is fully paid. This repayment method provides businesses the ease and flexibility to make lower payments during times when cash flow slows down.

How business cash advance works?

A small percentage (usually 10-25%) of your future credit and debit card sales are deducted from each transaction until the advance if fully repaid. There’s no fixed monthly term as you simply pay back based on your businesses performance. For example, you pay it back less when you have a slow month but you back it back sooner when your have a busier month – It works in line with your cash-flow and business performance.

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A Merchant Cash Advance
is right for when:

  • Your accepts payments from credit cards
  • You are seeking flexible financing
  • You don’t want to pay fixed monthly repayments
  • You are looking for a quick & simple funding solution
  • Your sales vary and so you want to pay as you go

How to Qualify?

  • You’ve been in business for (6) months at least.
  • Your business accepts credit cards as a mode of payment.
  • You process a minimum of $5,000 per month icredit card receipts
  • You can provide 4 months of credit card statements.
  • You are not a start up merchant.

We are better Than a Bank

  • cash advance

    We are typically up to 50%
    less pricey than a
    cash advance

  • decisions in minutes

    Offer decisions in
    minutes, funding in just
    3-5 business days

  • fixed repayments

    Regular fixed repayments
    and no annoying


  • Loan Upto 5,000,000

    Cash advance up
    to $5,000,000

  • Same Day Approval

    Easy and Same day
    approval process

  • Funds Within 24 Hours

    Funds available within 24
    hours of application

  • No Plans Required

    No business
    plans required

  • No Collateral Requirement

    No collateral

  • Build Your Business Credit

    Build your
    business credit

  • Funded in 7 Days

    Get Funded in
    within 7 Days

  • Approval In 1 Hour

    Get approved
    in 1 hour

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